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About Us

Foutch Brothers started by working with communities to save existing and historic buildings through identifying what housing or services are needed in the vicinity by meeting with the city residents and business leaders. Over a decade later we are designing and building new apartments, offices, and community spaces and still sustainably repurposing buildings and sites. Our goal is to improve the economic impact in existing cities by utilizing tax dollars, constructing new buildings in existing communities that will radically improve the experience for all who utilize them.

We think outside the box by innovatively repurposing existing buildings in neighborhoods, and communities vs. destroying them. We have saved millions of tax dollars that could be spent on other city improvements. Foutch Brothers focus is to maximize space to achieve the goals of each and every client, especially when constructing new architecture, as we have completed dozens of projects on time that many thought were impossible.

Steve Foutch, CEO


University of Illinois

Master of Architecture

Master of Business Administration

Iowa State University

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Iowa State University

Academic All-American Track Athlete


Steve Foutch has been in the architectural field for his entire career, starting out constructing grain elevators with his brother while still in college, designing hospitals for Hansen Lind Meyer in Iowa City and then moving to Chicago where he was outsourced from The Environments Group to lead the Master Planning efforts at Ameritech. He then did Strategic Real Estate Consulting projects for Ameritech and Sprint encompassing millions of square feet of office space design and consolidations.

Sprint brought him to Kansas City, but his architectural career as a Partner with Gastinger Walker Harden Architects began his journey into Development and became involved with Historic properties and tax credit concepts.

Since jumping into development in 2003, and then adding his brother Scott in 2004, Steve has led the company in producing over 3,000 living units at a cost of over $300MM. The company now has another $100MM under development & construction.

This partnership was clearly a successful one and eventually led to the founding of Foutch Brothers in 2004.

Award Winning and Nationally reconized Foutch, is leading the way in the historic renovation industry. Foutch Brothers does their own design, development, tax credit syndication and new construction, and has begun offering these services to outside entities and projects.

A foray into athletic facilities is their latest twist in diversification moving  towards new construction and community improvement.

Steve and wife Mary Jane have recently been appointed as ISU Foundation governors, and won the recognition as their 2016 Emerging Philanthropist.

Strong vision and integrity are reflected in all of the Foutch Brothers properties which show a dedication to quality housing for all ages and incomes, solving difficult building re-purposing opportunities, and even new venues in sports and fitness centers.

Steve and Mary Jane have been married for 29 years. Their son, Jackson, is running for UMKC, and their daughter, Honor, is a Senior at Park Hill and being recruited for Rowing.

Scott Foutch, Director


Scott Foutch is a developer / owner with over 1,000,000 square feet of property.  Scott manages the field construction for Foutch Brothers.

Scott has a strong background with leadership and co-founded Foutch Brothers after serving as terminal manager for a major shipping company. He brings his background of building, managing, and leading to Foutch Brothers.  Scott’s experience includes developing staffing on large scale port maneuvers, building heavy concrete and steel projects, and managing multimillion dollar construction operations.


Iowa State University

Bachelor of Science, B.S. Farm Operations, B.S. Animal Science