At the new Mosaic Arena, after years of limited use, our solution will bring new life to the former Kemper and the Stockyard District of Kansas City.

Foutch will invest tens of millions of dollars and the attention of its entire organization to adapt and reuse the building built for spectator performances into a place for each emerging athlete and musician to hone their skill and come together with support and opportunities.

Specialty tenants include training and therapy for the physically disabled, sports training, professional office, sport outfitting, and family activities.

We help emerging athletes become incredible.


Flexible Training and Space


Now leasing space to specialty and office tenants for early 2017.  

Now booking the outdoor performance venue, 5000 seat performance venue, and tournament sports floor for late 2017.


Proposed Plans


The new 300 level tournament bowl is the first of its kind. It features a flexible multi sport tournament floor, a bike velodrome, sloped Olympic track, and training space.


Tournament Bowl



The Stage Terrace will allow outdoor performances up to 10,000 fans right in downtown and support existing restaurants and transit.


By inserting a new floor level, even larger than the original, new uses and participants can be included.  The 200 level bowl remains as a 5,000 seat performance bowl for emerging musicians and athletes or conferences and shows.



Skills Places