Sustainable Designs

Sustainable and Efficient Design

We start by working with communities to save existing and historic buildings.  Next, we work with residents and business leaders to determine what housing or services are needed in the vicinity.  Finally, we design and build new apartments, offices, and community spaces to sustainably reuse the building and site. In doing so, we are able to restore neighborhoods, create new architecture, and complete projects many thought impossible.

Our projects all begin with sustainable sites:

  1. Saving an area of a city that needs new infill attached to existing roadways, sewers, transit, and business.  We create new architecture and connect gaps that help make walk-able, growing urban centers.
  2. Saving buildings with adaptive reuse development to reuse antiquated buildings into modern warehouse, office, lofts, or retail centers.

Each project includes a full sustainability study led by our LEED credentialed professionals, Architects and Engineers.  Each include components equivalent or better that:

  1. Super insulation with closed cell spray foam.
  2. Variable Refrigerant Flow or High Efficient Natural Gas mechanical plants
  3. Recycled Content.
  4. Life cycle planning with reused historic fabric and durable new material.
  5. Roofing and Paving that reduces heat island effects.
  6. Green space or occupied green rooftops.

By saving existing sites and buildings Foutch is one of the few truly leading in sustainable design.  In addition, with a blended green overlay that uses techniques from HERS indexes, Passive House US, USGBC, LEED, and Energy Star each project uses less new material and requires less energy to occupy than a traditional new development.

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