Family Built.

Over a decade of success stories.

Much more to come.

We start by working with communities to save existing and historic buildings.  Next, we work with residents and business leaders to determine what housing or services are needed in the vicinity.  Finally, we design and build new apartments, offices, and community spaces to sustainably reuse the building and site. In doing so, we are able to restore neighborhoods, create new architecture, and complete projects many thought impossible.

Developers of Senior Living, Loft Apartments and Mixed Use Commercial.

Over 30 properties

Approximately 1800 rental units in service or under construction

Approximately 2mm sq. ft. of properties


Where we can help-


Historic Adaptive Reuse for blighted or vacant buildings.

Master Developer for Clients and Cities.

New construction

Affordable housing

Sports Facilities

Senior Independent Living


Architecture and Engineering

Historic Tax Credit funding and strategy

Housing Tax Credit funding and strategy

Sports facility operations



Skills Services